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HR Specialist

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Are you interested in a career in HR but don't know where to start?

Perhaps you have heard of the term HR Specialist, or seen it as you do searches.

An HR Specialist is an individual who specialises in people management. A Human Resources Specialist  takes on a role that focuses in on covering a specific department or area of HR, and performs or manages the tasks within that department - whether it is in training and development or recruitment.

The main departments an HR Specialist works within are highlighted and explained below.

Learning and Development: This involves managing a firm's training and development programmes for learning and upskilling of existing employees and promotion and progression.

Internal Recruitment: This involves the recruitment of hires across all areas of the business. Internal recruitment specialists usually have recruitment administrators or interview schedulers and then will have recruitment advisors who manage the process.

Early Careers: This usually involves hiring and onboarding of graduates, interns and work experience roles.

Employee Relations: Those in this role are responsible for managing cases such as paternity, maternity, absence management, and more serious cases such as gross misconduct and grievances.

Diversity and Inclusion: This role takes on the responsibility of promoting good practice and relations within a positive working environment that is pleasant for all, and where all are treated fairly and equally.

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