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Recruitment Agency Announces Collaboration with PA Training Provider

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Specialist secretarial recruitment firm, Lily Shippen, has announced a unique collaboration and offering that has launched alongside PA training specialist, Your Excellency Limited

This new concept allows employers who hire new talent through Lily Shippen to enrol their staff onto an accredited qualification, which would be included in the overall cost of the recruitment fee. 

Lily, Managing Director of Lily Shippen, commented:

“I am so excited about this partnership with Your Excellency and I think it has come at the perfect time. Many employers are still operating with remote-based teams and companies are looking to bridge the skills gap by combining more than one role where possible. Our concept will allow companies to hire more junior members of staff who can then upskill and take on more responsibilities within their role following their qualification. In addition to this, it also allows candidates who are more senior in terms of experience to refresh and add to their skills so ensuring that their knowledge remains relevant in their areas of expertise”.

This collaboration will make up part of Lily Shippen’s new productisation of services. Clients will be able to choose from Silver, Gold and Platinum levels of service, with each level providing a different offering. Those who choose the Platinum level can send their new member of staff on a relevant training course of their choice, provided by Your Excellency Ltd. 

Your Excellency Ltd has been established for thirteen years and was set up by founders Malcolm and Lindsay Taylor. With ten years’ experience working as a Personal Assistant to CEOs and Directors of global companies, Lindsay has witnessed first-hand the huge value that EAs and PAs can have within businesses. Together, Lindsay and Malcolm have created jargon-free, fun, accredited courses which can all be enrolled on and taught virtually. 

Lily adds:

“Both Lily Shippen and Your Excellency Ltd are passionate about creating a community of high calibre Personal and Executive Assistants who can deliver exceptional performance for their executives, the companies they work for, and most importantly, themselves. It is key that PAs and EAs keep their skills relevant, especially in a world where remote working and the use of technology has become the norm.

“We believe that this partnership will be very appealing to companies who are looking to get the most out of the new hires they bring onboard. Not only that, but investing in employees’ personal development from the offset will result in companies retaining that top talent within their businesses in the long-term”.

For more information on the services that Lily Shippen provide, contact the team on 0161 711 0767 (Manchester) or 020 3011 5283 (London) or email recruitment@lilyshippen.co.uk.