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How will recruitment evolve over the next 5 years?

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How will recruitment evolve over the next 5 years?

  1. AI and chatbots WILL support the recruitment process.

The future of recruitment will see AI improving the candidate experience, being able to answer candidate questions and in turn screen candidates and schedule complex interviews. High volume recruiting will benefit in particular, with AI supporting regular communication with candidates and being available 24/7. AI doesn’t take annual leave, doesn't work in certain time zones and doesn’t get tired!

  1. The fight for diversity and inclusion continues.

More evidence is being published about the benefits of an inclusive workplace and diverse workforce – more knowledgeable, perform better, more success than rigid teams. When you stereotype and put people into traditional boxes – you aren’t able to maximise on unique personalities, perspectives and traits.

  1. Recruiters will need to think like marketeer’s.

The recruitment landscape has changed and it is all now all about attraction. To be able to find, engage and hire the best talent for your organisation. Recruitment marketing can help highlight your brand and EVP, reach new (sometimes passive) talent and become an employer of choice. By implementing a well thought out recruitment marketing strategy, you will get more qualified applicants applying for your roles.

  1. Social media will be a powerful tool.

The utilisation of networks such as Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook to research and locate candidates as well as attract and engage has been growing in recent years. This method attracts new generations which may not be reachable via traditional recruitment methods.

  1. Candidate experience continues to be of high priority.

The way a candidate experiences a recruitment process has always played a part in their decision-making process upon offer stage, however the emphasis on this experience is growing. Positive candidate experiences lead to increased referrals, positive posts on social media, and ultimately a more engaged workforce of new joiners. A negative experience can have an equally impactful effect in regards to a company’s reputation.


To conclude, it is clear to see that technology and automation is going to have a huge impact on the recruitment process and the way companies hire.

It is something we are all going to need to embrace, adapt to, and evolve to.

That being said, there are a number of very important human elements to the recruitment process which cannot be lost, and it is my firm belief that recruitment is a people process where emotions and personalities are essential ingredients to long term success.