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Lily Shippen Recruitment | Why use a recruitment agency as a candidate

Last month we published our blog ‘Why use a Recruitment Agency to hire?’ which focused on how agencies, such as ours, can help companies in their search for the perfect candidate. This month we are taking the opposite approach with our blog and looking at how a recruitment agency can benefit secretarial support professionals with their job search.

Save time

Finding a new job is a time consuming process. Why not let someone else do the leg-work for you? If you work with a recruitment agency in your search for a new position they will take care of sending off your CV to clients, organising interviews and chasing feedback. Furthermore, thanks to their extensive network recruitment agencies often already have a range of opportunities waiting for the right candidate.

Have access to a wider job market

Many companies choose to use a recruitment agency instead of advertising a vacancy themselves which gives the agency exclusive access to that role. If you register with a recruitment agency, then you instantly gain access to a large volume of vacancies that aren’t visible to normal applicants.

Tailor your job search

A good recruitment agency will take the time to meet with you in person and find out a little bit more about your employment history, career ambitions, and the working environment to which you are best suited. After meeting face-to-face, a recruitment consultant will be able to identify the vacancies that would be right for you.

At Lily Shippen we pride ourselves on the relationships that we form with our candidates. Whether you’re based in London or Manchester, our recruitment consultants will always meet with you face-to-face and take the time to get to know you personally.

Receive expert support and guidance

It is in a recruitment agency’s interest to make sure that their candidates put their best foot forward. This means that agencies will help you to brush up your CV and improve your interview technique. Recruitment agencies build strong relationships with their clients and will often give their candidates pointers on how to impress in an interview.

The coaching that recruitment agencies give candidates can improve their confidence when walking into an interview – something that is especially beneficial for nervous interviewees.

Support from your recruitment agency doesn’t stop at the interview. If you missed out on the role, your recruitment consultant will provide you with feedback and constructive criticism from your interviewer. They will help you to understand why you weren’t chosen for the role and help you to iron out any creases ready for your next interview.

At Lily Shippen we are always on hand to offer advice to our candidates whenever they need it, even after they have been placed in a role. We like to be kept in the loop so regularly catch up with our candidates to see how they are getting on with their new job.

Benefit from having a middle man

Recruitment agencies work as an intermediary between the client and the candidate. This can come in particularly helpful when it comes to negotiating salaries. Recruitment agencies know the market better than anyone and can offer advice to both the client and candidate so that the right payment for the job is agreed. You can rest assured that you aren’t over or underselling yourself.

It’s free

Last but not least, signing up to a recruitment agency is completely free. Regardless of whether or not you are successful with your job search through a recruitment agency, you won’t have to pay any agency fees. Who wouldn’t want free help with their job search?