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Expectations vs Reality of the Workplace

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Our Managing Consultant, Victoria, brought her son, Jamie, in to do a day of work experience with us at Lily Shippen. So, how did he find it? Read his blog to find out!

It's safe to say that my expectations of a workplace have been completely voided. Before arriving at the Uncommon office today, I always thought of an office space as being boring and having little to no character. After today, It's safe to say that is not the case here. Arriving through the massive wooden door on entry, I was already impressed with the modern style presented to me. Next, I made my way over to the elevators. Then, onto the 3rd floor, where I was graciously greeted by multiple biscuit jars and a mini kitchen.

After checking out the Lily Shippen office, I was escorted to the 7th floor by my mum and was given a tour. There were indoor swinging chairs, a cafe, plants EVERYWHERE, sleeping pods, PELOTON BIKES, and an amazing roof terrace with the most gorgeous view of the city below. It was time for my first task. I had to create an Instagram reel highlighting/showing off the office areas. About an hour had passed, and I was finished. This activity was one of my favourites of the day, to be honest. 

Then, I had to help my mum with some work in the office. I had to go on indeed and search for businesses and companies looking for assistants in London. This didn't take me too long as I was actually pretty good at it, if I may say so myself. After a busy morning, I went out and bought myself and the girls in the office Mcdonalds. PERFECT.

In my opinion, I'd like the working environments in the future to look and feel like this. I feel like in an environment like this; I'd be able to concentrate more and be more productive. The amount of greenery and vibrant colours also seemed to help. I feel like with all the positive colours around me; I was able to work better and faster. 

Overall, I've had an AMAZING day here at the office. For my first time in a proper office, I was very impressed!