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Entry level HR

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If you're a graduate who's looking for a new job, you might be wondering if HR is the right path for you. That's why we've put together this blog to help you decide if this field is the right fit for your career goals.

Here are three reasons why HR is a great choice for graduates:

1. HR professionals work with large organisations, which means that they have access to all sorts of different industries, job types, and skill sets.

2. HR professionals have the opportunity to work in generalist or specialist roles. There are many different career paths that can be taken. Within the HR field, you can choose to pursue roles in human resource management, training and development, employee relations, compensation and benefits, organisational development, or a number of other areas.

3. HR is an evolving field that promises to continue growing as businesses become increasingly dependent on technology and automation.

4. The nature of the field means that you will have plenty of opportunities for career progression and to move up within your organisation or branch out into other industries as your experience grows.

We can help graduates with their job search by providing them with access to a large pool of potential employers in one place. We also offer career coaching and interview preparation services that can prove invaluable when navigating the job market for the first time.


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