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“Self nomination – should I be doing it?”

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When I started working at a Solicitors office at 17 years old, I never dreamed I would end up climbing the ladder of Business Support all the way to a Business Support Manager.

I needed a ‘proper full-time job’ when I left school and thought ‘this will do for now’. From being a front of house Receptionist, Secretary at an Estate Agents and a School and then a Personal Assistant in various industries, both in London and Southend, I then worked in a more senior capacity as Management/Board Secretary and Executive Assistant at Director/Exec/C-Suite Level. Its had its ups and downs and still I thought ‘ah its just a job’ and never once thought ‘this is my career’, until a couple of years ago, when I started advocating for the role and the Business Support industry.

But how do you get the recognition you deserve along the way if you are not in a senior role?

A lot of PA networks recognise Assistants in many ways, including Awards. Having people nominate me for awards was lovely recognition but I started thinking why not nominate myself - after all, if you don’t champion yourself, then you cant expect anyone else to right? I have self-nominated over the last 5 1/2 years (as well as being nominated) and have reached top 10 shortlists and won two awards. This is a great way to start promoting yourself, gaining some exposure and paving the way for your next career step.

In 2022, I completed a ‘Mini MBA for Senior and Executive Assistants’ with Malcolm and Lindsay Taylor at Your Excellency. This is accredited with the IAM (Institute of Administrative Management) and has developed my skills in strategic thinking and leadership. This gave me the confidence and skills to start working on more projects and progress my career, with a recent promotion to Business Support Manager for the People, Culture and Legal team at London South Bank University (LSBU). It’s all the extra little things I do that shows in my work and I encourage all to think about. My mantra is ‘keep it simple’ and get the basics right so that the rest will follow.


Whilst I have moved up through the various titles of the Business Support world, I am still a believer that this industry is an important one and am involved with many external networks. I am a participant in external project groups including Mentoring opportunities and aim to help anyone out there choosing a path to show this is a good career. It is not an easy job and you have to have a good set of skills but I hope it shows how valuable you are as an Assistant, whatever your title is, and the fact you make someone else’s life easier so they can do their job without thinking can only be a good thing.

I encourage everyone to reflect on their career trajectory and personal development regularly and put yourself forward for opportunities where you can show off your best qualities.

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