Moving to London?

If you have recently decided to move to London, you're probably feeling a mix of emotions - excited but possibly slightly overwhelmed and confused about where you can even start! The best thing you can do in the lead-up to your move is research and prepare!

Here are the top ten tips I have for those moving to London. I moved here six months ago from Ireland, so I can relate to the position that you are in and, hopefully, provide some insightful information!

1. If you're looking to rent, the sites I found the best were Zoopla and Spare Room. Don't forget to add filters to your search to stay within your budget. Regarding location, do your research- if some areas seem a lot cheaper than others, it's usually for a reason! Make sure to check distances into the city too. In my opinion, Southwest is best, but I may be a tad biased! Most agents will suggest properties and help you with your search, as well as send you properties that allow for virtual viewings, so this could be a good option for you too. In London, rents are currently averaging at £850-£1,200 per month, per person - so prepare to budget accordingly! (Beware of posts on Facebook groups as there can be scams, and ALWAYS make sure you see and sign a contract!)

2. City Mapper will be your best friend when it comes to navigating the city and finding your way into the office on your first day! I much prefer this option when compared to Google Maps as it is kept more up-to-date in regard to traffic and rail delays and offers many different route options whilst summarising the cost of each journey. 

3. Starling Bank is a great option to open an account with quickly, as all you will need to open an account with them is a U.K address and phone number. I love the Starling Bank app because transfers are quick and easy, and you can see when bills and payments are due and track your spending across the month within different categories. 

4. Facebook has several groups that you can join and post any questions you have/ organise drinks and meet-ups etc.

5. You will have to apply to get a national insurance number. In order to do this, visit You'll receive a letter in the post and be called to your local centre to prove your identity and address. You will receive your number shortly thereafter. You will need to present this number to your employer to prevent you from being emergency taxed.

6. Once you register with a Doctor, your NHS number will come in the post - this will mean you'll have access to online prescriptions and discounted prescription medication. 

7. Oyster cards can help bring down your commuting costs which can be pricey in London if you commute every day!

8. ClassPass is a great app that gives discounted access to gym classes wherever you are based in London and enables you to try before you buy when it comes to committing to one gym. 

9. Treatwell is another app I frequently use to find and book discounted beauty appointments- my go-to when I need a new manicure.

10. Todaytix is a brilliant app whereyou can get last-minute tickets to shows at a low price! Great for last-minute spontaneous nights out!

I hope this helps, but bear in mind - you can never really prepare enough for a city like London, but take joy in this, and seek the adventure of finding and discovering new things, and making London yours!



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