How Has the Role of a PA Evolved in Recent Years? (Video)

How has the role of the PA (Personal Assistant) and EA (Executive Assistant) evolved in recent years? We asked international PA trainer, Heather Baker her thoughts. 

Heather explained that great PAs are flexible. They have to be prepared to change their day at any moment. "An exceptional EA is an emotionally-intelligent leader," says Heather.

Heather's advice for business owners looking to recruit a PA or EA was to ensure that the assistant understands their managers objectives. "It needs to be someone who is committed to their training and development," adds Heather.

When asked how the role has evolved, Heather says "nowadays assistants are able to get involved in projects, build relationships and are their managers business partner."

You can download our whitepaper below which covers how the role of the Executive Assistant has evolved in recent years and what employers are looking for when recruiting. 


The evolving role of the Executive Assistant

Our most extensive whitepaper to date.

What it covers:
  • How has the role of the EA evolved?
  • What does the future of the EA role look like? 
  • What will executives expect from the role of an EA going forwards?
  • What will EAs be looking for in the future?

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