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Lily Shippen Recruitment Agency | Flexible Jobs for Actors


Flexible jobs for actors are key to surviving as an actor. Keeping the lights on at home and paying your rent whilst you follow your passion and dreams of one day making it on the TV or treading the boards on stages around the world.

You have been to drama school, attended multiple auditions, been on and off pencil, lucky enough for a heavy pencil, recalls after recalls and endless promises of acting work.

How to survive as an actor requires resilience, perseverance and a good dollop of luck along the way. It’s a competitive industry with many people entering and finding instant stardom through the many backdoors of the multiple social platforms out there.

As a jobbing actor you will know how hard it is to balance the actors life of last minute auditions, quick turnaround jobs and the general need for flexibility. Knowing when the next job is coming in can be daunting even more so – how will you financially survive during the leaner times and until your big break comes.

Side jobs for actors are a popular way to keep the flexibility for when the phone rings but finding part time jobs for actors can be difficult especially when you need to attend an audition, meet your casting agent, director at a moments notice. You never know – the next call could be it !

Flexibility as an actor is crucial. So how do you find those jobs that provide flexibility you can drop in and out of and works for both you and the employer. Generally urgent castings seldom take place and you have to drop everything now to go. Working with a good agent who knows your routine and flexibility is a good starting point. No one will frown that you have a part time job and you may have to say no once in a while. Many top actors worked in bars and restaurants to keep the bills paid – it’s what actors do.

One of the obvious ways is to work for yourself. Maybe you can make things or sell your services on line. There are great platforms that allow you to create online shops and manage them from your phone.

Top 10 part time jobs for actors

  1. Work for yourself and use online systems like Fiverr
  2. Create an acting course and sell it on Udemy
  3. Write an ebook on acting and sell it on Amazon KDP – free to do it !
  4. Teach acting – great way to get 5 – 10 participants to pay and do script work under your guidance
  5. Voice Over – pull a demo reel together and send it around production companies – you may land some well paid jobs for explainer videos or commercials
  6. Work in a bar or restaurant with an understanding boss
  7. Promotional work via a specialist agency
  8. Do you know Twitter, Facebook or Instagram well ? – can you manage it for someone
  9. Can you write blogs for people
  10. Find a temp job through a reputable temp agency

There are many flexible jobs for actors. In fact many companies want the flexibility and if it works for both – then this is a great way to keep the lights on at home and keep the dreams alive.


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