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Lily Shippen Recruitment Agency | Benefits of Temporary work

Last month, Lily spoke at Manchester Metropolitan University alongside Assured Events and its founder, Karl Perry. As the founder of Lily Shippen, a leading admin support agency in Manchester, Lily was chosen to speak on the importance of work experience for graduates as well as covering other topics including interviewing and CV writing. Temporary work can be a brilliant step towards tackling the challenge of work experience.

In the current employment climate, it often seems impossible to gain experience when all roles require previous experience. This is where the benefits of temporary work begin to shine. As a temp agency, we know that there are roles that often arise at seven in the morning, needing to be filled that day. This gives candidates the opportunity to prove themselves as keen and eager to work on the day it comes up. Instead of relying purely on experience, being in the right place at the right time can be a huge advantage when employers have more urgency. Finding themselves in a temporary role would then give candidates a chance to gain the experience needed to build up a stronger CV and put themselves in a better position to progress in their future. The employee may even prove themselves enough to gain a permanent contract, should they wish to stay.

Recent graduates often feel the anxiety of navigating which path to take. The degree you choose doesn’t always lead you down a specific path. Even if it does, you may realise that path is no longer the one you’d like to take. A permanent role may feel like too much of a commitment for someone unsure if it’s really the role for them. Finding work in a temporary role is a strong middle-ground. This puts you in a position to gain experience in a variety of industries, figuring out which works best for you. At the same time, you remain open to more suitable roles, able to leave with little notice if the opportunity were to arise. 

The life of a temporary worker is also far more flexible, giving a better work-life balance. There is less expectation to take work home with you while temping. Plus, as temp work is often paid hourly, if you are asked to stay on a little later, your time will be adequately paid back. 

Our temp agency frequently has many roles for admin and admin support in Manchester. We always meet and get to know our candidates before we make any referrals. Since we work with a variety of companies from a range of sectors, knowing our candidates ensures we are well-equipped to match the right employer with the right employee.

 If you are looking for a temporary admin or temporary receptionist role in Manchester, please contact us today. Lily Shippen specialise in PA and administration recruitment across London and Manchester. Typical roles include Receptionists, Team Assistants, PAs, Office Managers and EAs across all industry sectors.