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What Are the Different Types of PA Recruitment Solutions?

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Finding full-time work that you enjoy, and that challenges you to grow, can be tricky. One of the best ways to secure your dream job and jump-start your PA career is by securing the services of a PA recruitment solutions specialist company or agency. Partnering with PA recruitment experts, who understand the intricacies of the PA market and are adept at helping candidates find the right role and cultural fit, is a sure-fire way to find a career that you love.

There are many recruitment agencies that specialise in providing temporary PA recruitment solutions or permanent PA recruitment solutions. You may already be working with an agency, such as Lily Shippen, and speaking to them about Personal Assistant jobs. However, before you begin your job search, it’s essential to understand the difference between the types of Personal Assistant recruitment solutions.

In this blog, we explore a few of the types of PA recruitment solutions available and the benefits of each, to help you with your job search.

Temporary Recruitment Solutions

Temporary PA recruitment solutions are designed to provide an employer with the ability to bring in a professional Personal Assistant during an emergency, when their full-time PA calls in sick or when additional short-term cover is required - such as to provide additional support for a project or upcoming event. With temporary recruitment, you could be called in for a day, or a number of days, to fill in and cover. You may also have the opportunity to join a company as a Personal Assistant during holidays, or longer periods of absence when they need extra help.

If you prove yourself, and stand out in your performance, a temporary position can transition into full-time employment in that company or the company may request that you cover any future requirements that they may have. As such, it’s always good to see these smaller assignments as opportunities to show how valuable your talents are to a company. Often, companies will advertise temp-perm vacancies, which are exactly that - temporary positions which have the possibility of becoming permanent, for the right candidate. 

Permanent Recruitment Solutions

When it comes to permanent PA recruitment solutions, companies that are looking to recruit a permanent Personal Assistant will reach out to a recruiter to fill the role, generally on a full-time basis. In this instance, you can expect to enter an interview process, directly with the hiring company. Many companies will use the services of a professional recruitment agency, like Lily Shippen, so that they’re able to access the most qualified candidates for a permanent position. One of the biggest reasons that companies utilise permanent PA recruitment solutions is that they know that the candidates they are sent to consider have already been fully vetted and are qualified for the position.

Contract Recruitment Solutions

This type of recruitment does what it says on the tin. An employer will contract out a Personal Assistant for a set period. Typically, these are six or twelve-month, fixed-term contracts to cover extended periods of absence, such as maternity cover or to provide extra support during a particularly busy period. You are brought in to fill this role, only for the length of the contract. While there is always a chance that the employer will continue to employ you, or extend your contract, you want to approach these recruitment solutions as if they will end when the initial term is up. One of the most significant benefits of this particular solution is that you know, from the outset, how long you will be paid for and when you will need to start looking for other work.

No matter what stage of your career you’re in, having a PA recruitment specialist company, like Lily Shippen, in your corner, allows you to maximise opportunities to advance your career. We can place you in office-based roles as well as remote/virtual positions. Contact us today to find out how we can help you find the best job for you!