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Lily Shippen Recruitment Agency - Meet the team

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Emma Lily Shippen


Emma joined us at Lily Shippen in April and has been an essential part of the team since she began, quickly earning a promotion from Candidate Manager and Team Support to her position as Consultant today. In this role, Emma covers a range of areas, working in secretarial recruitment within financial services, legal, consultancy, events, and retail. She grew up in Gatley, South Manchester, and her love of the city has kept her around. Even at university, she was only a forty-five-minute drive away. Although a Masters in Forensic Psychology doesn’t often lead down the path of recruitment, Emma’s love of getting to know people and finding something to make them happy makes her a strong asset within the team. Following her Masters, she took a break to travel before Lily offered her a place in the team. Having known each other since they were five years old, Emma has witnessed the growth of the company as a friend and now as a colleague. We spoke with Emma to find out a bit more about herself and what she looks for in a candidate.


What do you love about Manchester?

Having grown up here, Manchester has always felt like home. When a lot of my friends moved to London for work, I always wondered whether I should do the same; but with all the excitement and new things popping up all the time, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else at this point. Plus, I would miss the friendly northern accent.


Since joining a secretarial recruitment agency, how have you learnt to spot a strong candidate?

For me, a strong candidate is all about personality. Of course, experience is important, but if I meet someone that I can chat to like I would with a friend, then I really feel I can get to know them and what they’re looking for. Lily and Charlotte will tell you that I love speaking to new candidates and they joke that I know everything about some – even their dog’s name!


What puts Lily Shippen above other secretarial recruitment agencies in Manchester?

I think we are different from other secretarial recruitment agencies as we just have a more personable approach. We really get to know the candidates and what makes them tick. This makes finding the right job and company much easier. I also think we are honest, approachable, and always make sure we keep our candidates and clients updated.


Thinking back to your biggest success story within recruitment, what was unique about the candidate you placed?

I would say the candidate just had something about them – an infectious energy and pizzazz. When you connect with a candidate, you can really sell them to a client because you genuinely like them!


When you’re not in work, what do you enjoy doing?

I love spending time with my boyfriend, friends and family. For me, you can’t beat a good meal and a few drinks in a cosy pub/bar. If I’m having a night in though, I love a good Netflix binge.


If your colleagues had to give you an award, what do you think you would win in the Staff Yearbook?

It would be the ‘Chin Wagger’. I’ve been known to be on the phone to candidates chatting for over half an hour and I’m always talking to new people in our workspace by the coffee machine.


Where could we find you at the Lily Shippen Christmas party?

I would be near the nibbles and the Prosecco, chatting away to anyone who will listen. I love a good canapé!