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How to measure success in the workplace

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I recall someone once said to me…. ‘You need to be the person that does the things that has the results you desire’.

For me, it’s thinking about what felt challenging last year, setting realistic goals and having milestones to see that I am achieving them.

Success for me, is saying I have learnt something and have found a way to do something better/be better, making a positive impact with my peers, candidates and clients, maximising my earning and having had some fun along the way!

So, how do we meaningfully measure success in the workplace…….?

Performance evaluations/appraisals – ask for feedback
These are invaluable, both in terms of receiving positive feedback and focusing on what you need to improve to ensure success. Feedback absolutely keeps you motivated and fully engaged – in addition to looking at ways to do better, it has been proven that there is a positive connection between positive feedback and employee engagement 

Advancement – either within a company or by growing your responsibilities
Being awarded a promotion or taking on additional responsibilities is another measure of success. If you love your company but are feeling unchallenged, that you have exhausted all new learning opportunities then now might be the time to look for a promotion. How do you know you are ready to pursue this? Ask yourself, do you have the capacity to increase your workload, are your ready for the challenge and do you have the drive and energy to pursue the role.  It’s also equally beneficial for your employer to promote you - they are retaining their top talent while also carving a company culture that invests, recognises and rewards individual achievement encouraging and supporting professional career development. 
Qualifications and Training – develop your skill set
In addition to building and developing your skill set, you are boosting your longer term career prospects too. Having further qualifications under your belt opens up a broader range of career choices and also shows you are curious, eager to learn and grow. Gaining further qualifications/training, demonstrates dedication and commitment and is hugely beneficial to improving your chances for success at work.
Find out whether your employer offers internal training or whether they would be willing to cover some/all of the cost. Do your research - if you can demonstrate a particular course/qualification would benefit your role and employer, they will most likely see this as a win win investment opportunity. 

Growing your client/customer base
Don’t be afraid to try new approaches/activities to grow your client/customer base. Listen to what people want, think about your audience and personalise your approach. You can monitor and evaluate success by asking for feedback, noting if you are winning repeat business, receiving recommendations and referrals and understanding where your business is coming from. If you are able to do this, you are on the path to success.

Financial success - salary increase, bonus, commission, contributing to the overall profitability of your company
Easy to measure but have a goal/target in mind. I find this is incredibly motivating – are you planning on buying a house, a holiday, a night out on the town? Set your sights on it – visualise it! 
it’s a fabulous way to measure your success

Remember to celebrate your wins, however small. Be proud to recognise your achievements and if something feels impossible and you are feeling overwhelmed, revaluate your strategy, talk to your colleagues/manager to ensure that what success looks like for you, is aligned with your company’s vision and values.

Remember also, your measure of success at work goes hand in hand with life outside of work and that a healthy balance between your personal life, working life and success should be aligned. 

Take time to reflect, make a plan and go for it. SUCCESS IS LIMITLESS!