Best secretarial recruitment agency in London

Executive, secretarial and business support recruitment you can rely on. 

At Lily Shippen, we pride ourselves on our dedicated and holistic approach to recruitment solutions for our clients. We understand the impact support staff can have on businesses and the importance of the right 'fit'.  This is why we go above and beyond to understand your needs as a client and identify the best candidate for you from our talent pool.

Our knowledgeable and professional team have over 17 years of experience between them within the secretarial recruitment function. We bring our expertise and passion for the roles we recruit for to the market and have built a strong reputation of trust with our clients. We are regarded as one of the top boutique secretarial recruitment agencies in London for hiring support staff. We consistently deliver the top talent from personal assistants, executive assistants and chiefs of staff, to our clients. 


Because exceptional people build exceptional businesses. 


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Looking for CV or interview preparation coaching?

Lily has over eight years' experience working with PAs, EAs and business support professionals. Lily personally works with PAs and EAs who are looking to prepare for an upcoming interview or are looking for advice on how to make their CV stand out.



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